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Scanners for power digitization

Our range includes production scanners manufactured by Image Access, ROWE and Epson for all large segment and office needs, covering large format scanners, book scanners, flatbed scanners, document scanners and art scanners. Both Image Access and ROWE manufacture all their products 100% in Germany.

large format scanners

Large format scanners

24-60 ”CIS and CCD large format scanners for professional digitization.

printer scanners mfp scanners

For large format printers

High-end scanners for Canon, HP and Epson large format printers.

book scanners

Book scanners

Ergonomic A3-A1 + format book scanners for digitizing books.

art scanners

Art scanners

Art scanners for 3D scanning of paintings and valuables.

flatbed scanners

Flatbed scanners

Compact flatbed scanners for accurate document scanning.

Document scanners

Document scanners

Document scanners for efficient scanning of A4-A3 sheets.

Customer Promises

Low Price Guarantee

We want to make sure you can buy the product from us safely, knowing that you won’t find something similar elsewhere at a lower cost. We promise to be the cheapest in the total price.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with the new or used product you purchased from us, you can return it within three days of delivery of the product.

Warranty and Repair

We only sell products for which our service personnel have received service training. We guarantee functional warranty and maintenance services for our products.

Grafinet Oy

Finnish family business with AAA credit rating

“Our customers have needs for a Finnish family business Grafinet takes it seriously '.

“Whether it’s companies, factories or technical offices in the graphics industry, we reliably take care of the operation of the machines we maintain. As machines needs change, we help you choose the best solution together with the customer ”.

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Our customers

More than 500 satisfied customers.

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Customer Stories

rowe-variofold-compact UPM-Kymmene

UMP Kymmene - large format folding machine

UPM Kymmene Tervasaari's design department uses a large-format folding machine to fold technical drawings and factory process diagrams. “If there are changes in the paper mill’s processes, we will print and fold the drawings for the mill installers or

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Padasjoki municipality - large format scanner

The technical work of the municipality of Padasjoki started a large-scale digitization project, in which the aim is to compile the maintenance history of the municipality's properties and the old building drawings with their changes into one entity. The municipality of Padasjoki ended up acquiring 44 ”for the project.

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Multifunction printer ROWE ecoPrint MFP

City of Kouvola - multifunction printer

The City of Kouvola's print service unit prints large amounts of, among other things, construction drawings and contract tenders. In addition, they offer their customers a scanning service for archives and old drawings, as well as copying. As a customer, the printing unit has

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Certified certificates

Finland's Strongest Platinum

Finland's Strongest Platinum certificate is awarded to a company with a credit rating in the two highest categories (AAA or AA +) for at least three years.

Reliable Partner

The Trusted Partner certificate is issued to a company that has fulfilled the obligations required by the Subscriber Liability Act.